Melissa M. Halfpenny

Settlement Manager
Years of Experience: 17 (2005-Present)

Melissa Halfpenny has been in the real estate industry for 27 years, with her initial background in banking /mortgage lending and the most recent 17 years in the title insurance industry.

 She oversees and assists the TLT team through the title clearing process, reviews and prepares settlement documents, schedules and conducts deed signings and settlements, funds and disburses transactions, and assists with business development.

 Throughout every interaction and engagement, Melissa provides clear and concise explanations of the title process, outcomes and settlement statement figures to buyers, investors, or clients obtaining financing.

 What Melissa enjoys most about her career is that it allows her to host multiple occasions weekly that help clients achieve their goals personally and professionally, while realizing their dreams through real estate. She genuinely looks forward to meeting with every new TLT client. For Melissa, it is especially gratifying to receive repeat and generational business referrals and she is proud to be a member of the team at Trusted Land Transfer which supports the clients’ decision to make TLT their first choice for all of their title needs.